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“The good physician treats the disease. The great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”
– Sir William Osler, Father of Modern Medicine.
Located at one of the rapidly developing areas in Hyderabad, Innate Hospital is the brainchild of several veteran medical professionals who have a singular ambition: to make healthcare accessible for all. Whether in terms of affordability, or whether in terms of simplifying the tiresome procedures followed at most private healthcare centres, Innate aims to be the answer to the prayers of patients who hope for a frictionless experience during their medical treatment.
With its leading-edge infrastructure, avant-garde functioning, streamlined diagnostic and  treatment processes, hand-picked top medical professionals and its meticulous and dedicated staff, Innate promises every luxury that private healthcare boasts of, not just in words, but in deeds too. Innate ensures that the needs and comfort levels of each and every patient are taken care of, in a customized manner.
With a well-equipped diagnostic centre, an ultramodern, specialized dental clinic and ten super specialties and more in the offing, Innate is committed to being at the forefront of healthcare through research and high-value collaborations. The convenience of all those who visit the hospital has been kept as priority, which is why we ensure complete hygiene; establish unmatched quality in facilities, medical talent and treatment; safeguard a culture among our staff that promotes trust, amiability and efficiency; and guarantee even the minor factors such as ample parking space.
Keeping profits and complex procedures aside, Innate aspires to give every patient exactly what’s required: the right cure and the right care.
As our name describes us, Innate stands for all those inherent qualities that a doctor has: Patience, Perseverance, Dexterity, Knowledge, Compassion, and above all, the will to serve Humanity. While the city of Hyderabad may seem like a small place to start, we believe in being where we are needed.
Because we care about you.
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